Vitamin C Superior To Vaccines

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Most people are willing to get vaccinated without any questions or doing research. This is a big mistake since vaccines are one of the reasons cancer cases have skyrocketed.

But now you don’t need to jeopardize your health with vaccines anymore. Researcher shows that vitamin C is more effective than vaccines.

According to research by Dr. Klenner, vitamin C can treat different conditions like polio and different sclerosis. So how does vitamin C fight these conditions? Studies show that vitamin is an antihistamine, anti-infective, anti-clotting, and oxidizing agent.

Vitamin C and polio

Dr. Klenner proved that giving polio patients high doses of vitamin C could cure this disease. Klenner gave his patients 350mg of per kg of their body weight. So an adult would be administered about 25 grams of vitamin C.

This method of treatment worked – he cured 60 polio cases. Sadly, the medical community wasn’t interested in his natural method of treatment.

Vitamin C and shingles

Dr. Klenner also helped cure shingles in 8 of his patients using vitamin C. And in this case they didn’t have to take high doses of vitamin C like the polio patients.

The patients were administered 3 grams in every twelve hours and they were also supposed to drink fruit juice every two hours.

This method of treatment was so effective that 7 out the 8 patients didn’t experience shingles pain only two hours after receiving their first vitamin C injection. The patients received a maximum of 7 injection and vitamin C cured shingles within 72 hours.

In fact, Klenner isn’t the only doctor who used vitamin C to treat shingles. Studies show that this method of treatment works!

Vitamin C and viral diseases

Dr. Klenner also tested vitamin C against other diseases includes measles, the flu, mumps, and diphtheria. He found that vitamin C therapy could cure these conditions.

For vitamin C to be effective you have to take adequate amounts for a long period of time. But realize that it won’t treat all viral diseases.

Vitamin C is the secret to a strong immune system. Make sure you get adequate amounts from food and supplements.

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  • don

    If you want to know what vitamin C can do, refer to the book, “curing the Incurable” by Thomas Levy. It is an eye opener. Allopathic medicine think they have a corner on truth and they defend that corner come hell or high water regardless of the truth.

  • Shay

    The medical mafia and their prostitute doctors of the global pharmaceutical pimps are heavily invested in the billion dollar profitable cancer/chemo treatment, for one. So it stands to reason they would go into fear when questioned or challenged about this. Attack is the first line of defence. These medical prostitutes – who have something like a day’s worth of nutrition in all their years of ‘training'(aka brainwashing) – have much to lose in even acknowledging any of the 300-400 cures for cancer alone, are readily available. And why Rife was even then burned by the selfsame medical community that initially welcomed his discoveries. Vit C needs to be the pure type to be workable; not generally available from pharmacies.

  • Laura J

    That is AMAZING. Thanks for this!