Study Concludes That Raw Milk Boosts Immunity and Prevents Colds

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You’ve probably heard that milk is bad for your health. But a European study shows that raw milk can boost immunity, and prevent colds, viruses, and infections in children. Note that no such benefits were experienced in processed milk.

In this study, researchers compared the effects of boiled fresh milk versus the effects of processed milk. Some of the women involved in the study lived or worked in livestock farms, so they had easy access to raw milk.

It’s also worth noting that all the women who participated in the study were in the third trimester of pregnancy. The researchers were mostly interested in their daily consumption, lifestyle patterns, and milk-drinking habits. At the end of the study, there was a total of 983 children. And researchers concluded that raw milk boosts the immunity of children.

According to research, breastfeeding boosts kids’ immune system and prevents respiratory infections.  Well, researchers found that raw milk has the same protective effects as breast milk in kids.

One of the reasons processed milk is bad for you is because it promotes inflammation. Raw milk, on the other hand, fights inflammation because it lowers C-reactive protein levels.

The researchers further discovered that cow milk is most effective at treating colds and respiratory infections when consumed raw rather than when boiled.

Does commercial milk prevent infections and other health problems?

Researchers found that drinking commercially processed milk didn’t reduce C-creative protein, which causes inflammation and consequently increases the risk of diseases. In fact, commercial milk was found to increase the occurrence of colds and flus.

It’s easier for children who drink raw milk to fight fever and colds since raw milk reduces infections and fever by about 30 percent.

The researchers were clear that raw milk fights fever and infections in children, not allergies and asthma.

If you thought raw milk is dangerous, this study confirms it’s not. In fact, researchers believe that consumption of raw milk in Europe has helped prevent allergic diseases.

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    A no brainer for anyone that grew up drinking real milk and still benefitting from it.

    But who would “boil(ed) fresh milk”?