Root That Kills 98 Percent of Cancer Cells in 48 Hours

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Researchers are always looking for ways to fight cancer. While most of the tests fail, a few have amazing results. In fact, some show better results than chemotherapy.

Let’s face it, chemo is very painful and also kills healthy cells in the body. In fact, it’s believed to cause death in most cancer patients.

The study I’m about to share with you proved that it’s possible to prevent and treat cancer without experiencing pain and harming healthy cells. Canadian researchers found that dandelions have strong anti-cancer properties.

Kill cancer cells with dandelions

Dandelions have actually helped cancer patients treat this deadly disease. The story of John DiCarlo will definitely convince you. You see, John tried every method out there to treat leukemia but nothing seemed to work. A doctor advised him to drink dandelion root tea. After a few months of drinking this tea, the cancer was gone and he’s been cancer-free ever since.

The dandelion study

Did you know that dandelion root was used by the Chinese for many years to treat digestive problems, anorexia, and constipation?

Now researchers have proven that this root is more potent than previously thought. In the study, researchers found that dandelion root extract can kill cancer (leukemia) cells in 48 hours. It slows the growth of cancerous cells and eventually kills them.

The best part is that this root only kills cancer cells – it didn’t damage healthy ones like chemo.

And it doesn’t just fight leukemia alone, researchers say it can treat breast, colon, lung, liver, and prostate cancer.

Well, the benefits of this root don’t end there. Here are other benefits of dandelion root extract.

Treat digestive problems: Dandelion helps remove toxins in the body since it contains nutrients that cleanse the liver.

Keeps bones strong: Research shows that dandelion can improve bone health. It’ll also keep your teeth healthy and prevent calcium deficiency.

Prevent urinary tract infections: This herb fights bacteria that can cause infections.

Prevent diabetes: It helps improve insulin sensitivity and regulate blood sugar levels.

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  • nilst2011

    Can’t wait for spring…..

  • NomoneySClinton Bashore

    Dr Otto Warburg discovered what cancer is back in the 1920s and has been ignored ever since.

  • Max Bond

    I have a friend in Vietnam whose brother was told by the doctors to go home and die. He was diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. I told them about dandelion tea and drinking baking soda water. He was desperate so he did that. After a month he was healthy again. It has been about 4 months now since he was told he was going to die but he is healthy and going strong.

  • Travis

    Here’s the question. The constituents in the dandelion tea are what helps with cancer. You then mention an extract which is different then a tea when you are talking about herbal medicine. You also want to not make a tea but a strong decoction. Heat in a pot anywhere from 75 to 90 degrees Celsius ( do not boil ) for a few hours. I have a coffee maker that keeps water at 75 degrees. I’ll brew a decoction in there during the night. Tea, decoction and extract are very different things. You might want to clear that up. If it’s an extraction, how is it made? Alcohol? glycerin? I know of one study done where they made a potent medicine by making a strong decoction of the dandelion root, freeze dried the decoction and then placed the powdered decoction into capsules. They could then be taken orally or dissolved in hot water. Just wanted to clear that up for the readers. A tea is made for flavor. To get what you want out of the dandelion root you have to decoct it.

    • Older Cow Girl

      I really appreciate you providing this additional information. Dandilions almost up now. I have a coffee pot just for health things. I have just recently learned that I have stage 4 lung cancer. No chemo or radiation planned. Am going the natural route…beefing up my body w/nutrition, “weed-butter”, keeping my body oxygenated, Baking Soda/Nebulizer, LDN (low dose Naltrexone), Frankinsense, Turkey Tail mushroom, etc. That said, there could be a place for very specific applications of chemo…only applied by a doctor that also uses natural methods. Avoid cancer-only-doctors-clinics like the plague.

  • S.A.

    Would taking dandelion root extract (ordered online) be just as effective?

  • Mel

    I have a yard full is those wonderful weeds. How can i make the tea myself or keep the root so it’s effective so i don’t have to buy it?
    Like do you hang them to dry and then put in water for tea?

  • Annalannalou

    This is exciting news! Have there been other testimonies as to dandelion acting as cure for cancer? How many cups per day should be consumed in order for it to work?

  • Rachel Rodda

    Good news though but how is the tea prepared by the root and how many cups daily ?

    • Y3zok1

      the cleaned dried root is chopped and simmered for about 20 minutes over low heat, It cured my CML (Chronic Myloid Leukemia) Only use organic purchased root or make your own only use dandelions that have not been sprayed with or grow in soil that has been sprayed with chemicals

    • Peter Ting

      Try google it how to make it 😓

    • Becky M

      I was looking this up to buy as an already-prepared mix to add to water to brew tea. I bought some at my supplement site and their recipe is to add 2 tsp (using infuser to put the tea in) to 1 c. boiling water. Some sites say it can be bitter, but to add honey to it to sweeten. This is what I’m going to try. Don’t know if that is what you were looking for but it’s what I found after doing some of my own searching. Since it’s winter, I can’t dig up my own dandelion roots and the studies that they did have them processing the root before they administer it in the study anyway. I’m hoping for the best.

    • disqus_1HUI45H95s

      just buy dandelion coffee on amazon tastes great

    • Emil

      You have to buy the tea first. In other words pay….they make money out of you. Worse than the “BIG PHARMA”.

  • John J

    Eating freshly cut grass always repairs cavities and cures erectile dysfunction. A man from Ottawa was ate it once a day and is now cured.

  • Cindy Garvin

    Grind the root in to a find powder. Bring 3 cups of water to a boil and add 2 tbs. of the powder. Turn down the heat and simmer for 10 min. After the first 10 min, turn off the heat and cover with a lid. Let it sit for another 10 min. Then strain off the grounds. I pour it through a tea strainer. Divide this into 3 portions (about 3/4 c) and drink warm or room temp. Drink about 3 – 4 times per day. I find that it tastes more like coffee than tea. I tried adding honey but did not like that at all. You can also mix it with other teas or drinks. Sometimes for a treat I will add a bit of coconut cream. Yummy!