Read this Before Pigging Out on Dominos Pizza


So how does one stoop lower in standards than McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys? Before you dial up Domino’s for your next pizza, you need to read this.  Regardless of whether you are a vegan, animal activist or absolutely can’t live without your big juicy steaks, I’m certain we all will agree that the behavior described below needs to be stopped.

Other fast food places have at least had the decency to stop the practice of using gestation crates for their pregnant pigs but Dominos still allows them.

Pregnant pigs are kept in gestation crates for about four months of pregnancy, their piglets are taken away after just a few weeks and then the pigs are impregnated again and forced into gestation crates for another cruel cycle. This madness goes on for years until the poor pigs are so worn down that her best use for the industry is slaughter. Companies like Domino’s should not tolerate this and consumers should not buy the product of such horrific suffering.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, the biggest carnivore on the planet or somewhere in between, please join us in asking Domino’s to do the right thing and stop using these cruel gestation crates.

McDonald’s even said it “believes gestation stalls are not a sustainable production system for the future,” and that there “are alternatives that are better for the welfare of sows.”

If all these huge companies can commit to getting rid of gestation crates, why is Domino’s unwilling to listen to the rest of the industry and consumer demand? Will ham, sausage, and pepperoni taste any different without this extreme cruelty? I doubt it!

Please help stop this cruelty and sign the petition at to stop Domino’s today.

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Samantha Clove
Samantha Clove is a freelance writer and health enthusiast. She enjoys learning and teaching anything that helps people live natural and healthy lives.
  • Garrett

    …..Dominos add when page loaded..

    • cjtrout


    • metalfaceballs

      I ordered a pizza from that add. This made me hungry. I am not ashamed.

    • vizzicksthemes

      Get adblock plugin for your browser – No ads and faster page loads 🙂

  • Hmmm…

    …judging on the use of an older picture of their pizza.. I wonder if they looked at the updated procedures for how they do things. Not to mention, the company buys from another company to get their toppings, not all locations use the same vendors either.

  • guest

    I seriously dioubt whether any big company like McDonalds and Dominoes has any say over what practices the pig farm they purchase their pork from. All they know is they are buying pork.

    • vera Hensobn

      i use to eat but last i got 1 year ago made me almost sick to look at it

      • newp

        Oh please, they have plenty of say when they give these pig farms money. If they cared at all, they'd find better practices. Money talks.

  • Lisa

    ……..evidence please

  • Letitia

    They also leave their topping/veggie/meat station wide open for flies to crawl all over them. I worked there for 2 days. It was disgusting.

    • laura m.

      Best to make your own pizza at home, buy the crust (check the ingredients first) then add your own toppings. I worked in various restaurants years ago, there are worse things happening than flies, like mice, roaches and people using restroom, touching hair, etc then not washing hands, sticking fingers in or testing food temp. for customers and picking dropped items off floor and serving without washing, etc. I could say more but it's too gross.

  • Eric

    there dying regardless the problem does no lie in the cruelty the problem is the slaughter its self.

    • jason

      You know.. Meat comes from Slaughtered animals. It is a natural thing. We are omnivores. we eat meat, so meat has to die first. Get over it.

    • Gabby

      This is a ridiculous comment. Animals can be farmed for human consumption without enduring a life of suffering and cruelty. How can you say that, in a situation like this, it's the slaughter that's the problem? When animals are slaughtered they are stunned prior and killed as quickly as possible. No, it's not pretty and you might not like to think about it, but people eat meat and they're not going to be stopping any time soon. If sows are living their lives cramped in tiny gestation crates, I think their death at the end is the least of their worries. What's actually important for us is to ensure that meat is ethically and sustainably farmed in a way that gives the livestock as happy and natural a life as possible before they go off to the abattoir.

    • jeanne

      they have feelings..having raised pigs myself over the years I have discovered them to be smart and intelligent and at a slaughter yard if not killed humanely the rest of the pigs get stressed and the meat is tough.

  • Kathy

    I was going to order Domino's
    tonight,,,,Nope,,not until they change their practices on animal cruelty.

    • Anonymous

      Nice! Just what Pizza Hut was hoping you would say when they released this article lol

  • anonymous

    do you have proof of this? or are you just against the company? all I see is words without evidence. pictures or it didnt happen.

    • sammy

      I am working on getting the latest update directly from Humane Society Animal Cruelty Division and will update you with the additional facts and data as soon as they are available.

      • therealsammy

        I wouldn't think the Humane Society would have an Animal Cruelty "division" considering that's practically all they are.

  • Edward Jones

    Domino's raises pigs? I thought they made pizza. They buy meat from vendors, and look for the best deals they can make on 'volume' purchases. If you're going to petition anyone….petition the industrial farmers that are raising their livestock in such abhorrent conditions. Are you going to go after consumers next for buying questionably raised meats from their local supermarkets? I think not. I think 'petitionmania' is going a bit too far, this time.

    • peterquenter

      Yup – however, instead of petitioning the industrial farmers, first get the government out of taking tax-money to subsidize that industry, giving them close to guaranteed income, no matter how they practice their business – in other words, gvmt ought not have any hands in the food industry to begin with –

  • tariqhossenbux01

    Thank you for posting this story. I had been a fan of Dominos but i don't think i could feel comfortable eating their food now that I know how pigs are treated by their supplier. Something like this SHOULD be a violation of animal welfare laws as should be the practice of keeping chickens in very confined cages. Many people don't know that pigs are actually highly intelligent. As smart of smarter than dogs many researchers would say, and will be very clean if given the opportunity. While I am not a vegetarian, i hope that technology will allow the human race to stop eating meat in my lifetime. In the meantime, animals should be respected and given the chance to live part of their natural life in happiness.

    • richard

      You were a 'fan' of dominos? I could see tolerating dominos or ordering it because it's convenient and relatively inexpensive, but i fail to see how anyone could be a fan of anything mediocre.

  • Rachel

    I'd like to see where this information comes from. I can't find anything official since 2011. That was three years ago. I'd like current info within the last year from reliable sources.

    • sammy

      Here's my emails from yesterday from Dominos in response to my question. "Acceptable industry standards..not acceptable" Also, see my note from Humane Society that says Dominos is NOT listed amongst those committed to stopping this practice AND remain "neutral".
      Email Responses for an Update on this situation received 3/24/2014:

      Hi, Sammy.

      Thank you for contacting us. As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our customers with only top-quality products, we at Domino’s Pizza work diligently with our world renowned suppliers to ensure they meet or exceed the company’s rigorous standards with respect to food quality and safety.

      We are currently working this through with our suppliers, each of whom purchases a percentage of their pork from farmers who do not use gestation crates. Through our suppliers, we support hundreds of individual family farms across the country.

      We also care about the humane treatment of animals. Domino’s Pizza does not own, raise, transport or process the meats used for our products, but our suppliers know of our commitment to the humane treatment of animals and the expectations we have of them. Our suppliers meet or exceed industry standards for the humane treatment and processing of the pork used in our products.

      Tim McIntyre

      Vice President, Communications

      Description: M:WebMobile AppsGoogle Android & AmazonGoogle Android App Iconsdpz_tile-logo_blue-type_114x114.png


      Hi Sammy,

      Thanks for contacting us about this!
      Here is the response from my colleague Josh Balk in our Farm Animal Protection department:

      “While Dominos has so far been an outlier and remained neutral on the issue, more than 60 major food companies – including Domino’s competitors like Papa John’s – have pledged to improve animal welfare in their supply chains by eliminating gestation crate confinement. The list includes McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s, Costco, Safeway, Oscar Mayer, and dozens more.

      You can see what these companies have to say about this issue here.”

      Let me know if you have any further questions!


      Anna West
      Media Relations Manager
      The Humane Society of the United States
      2100 L Street NW Washington, DC 20037

      Second Message from Tim McIntyre at Dominos when I asked him to be more direct:

      I did answer your question. And it’s not a simple “yes or no” question, despite what you may think. The issue to far too complex for an answer so simplistic.

      We are working through the issue with our suppliers.

      We are not animal experts. We believe in taking the advice of people who are: veterinarians, researchers and the farmers themselves. There is a limited supply of pork available through farms that provide more open housing. We do buy from those farms through our suppliers, and therefore have crate-free pork in our supply chain, but aren’t going to make any false claims about our supply.

      Unless or until the supply of crate-free pork increases dramatically, yes, we plan to use those suppliers – as will every major restaurant chain and grocery store in America. We buy what is available. The only other alternative is to stop selling pork, which most consumers are against.

      In my own research on this topic, I found this web site, which tells another side of the story, because there always is another side:

      Tim McIntyre
      Vice President, Communications


      Ironic Fact: Dominos was the proud Official Pizza Sponsor of GroundHog day on 01/31/14. Just saying!!



    • kat

      I'm vegan! go us lol

  • Jan

    What the heck does Dominos do with pigs?

    • Mcbaconator

      ummm, bacon..sir

  • Gwynn Alcorn

    Gestation crates have their place, at the very end of a sow's pregnancy, as sows are known to eat their young. The crates prevent the sows from doing this. But there is no excuse for keeping any sow, a known piglet eater or not, in a gestation crate for four months.
    Shame on all you cruel animal producers. I was a farmer and loved my animals to the point of going bankrupt, but there has to be a middle ground. And it should certainly be on the side of less cruelty to animals.

    • Baeb

      All the years we were a 100 sows farrow to finished. Farrowing crates were used to avoid the mother NOT to lay on her babies. It still happened ,but rarely. At 6 weeks she was let out to a pen to move around ,eat and sleep. Babies were loose in their own pen. We never carried baseball bats, hockey sticks, electric prods. The answer is GET RID
      OF FACTORY FARMS.!! I finally am separated and retired. The farming was hard, but I loved the babies. And when anyone was in the barn, each adult pig wanted to be patted. That is non stress farming. I am a vegan now!

  • zena

    it actually does taste different…fear, anxiety affect hormones and are transferred to the meat yuk!

  • Mike

    Pigs have 2 litters per year. Sows are put in dry lots to recoup and rebreed after they wean piglets. this is pretty much BS, although they probably do use older sows in their meats..

  • Nerm

    Interesting that actual pig gestation is less than 4 months (114 days average) and that any piglets weaned after only a couple of weeks would not grow fast enough for maximum profit – the only driver in commercial piggeries. I most certainly would not defend or approve of the use of sow stalls but get you facts right before you write an article otherwise you loose credibility

  • Nerm

    Furthermore general treatment in piggeries is all on a disgusting par with the sow stalls which are only a small part of the mistreatment. If McDonalds or anyone else claim they no longer use stalls let them also only use pigs from free-range, antibiotic and cruelty free piggeries.

  • Gabriel DeAria

    Geoss. I dont eat pork but I wont eat there until they stop doing this!

  • Delicious Dominos

    Cruelty or not the bottom line is you eat them one way or another. Eat them and stop worrying about how they are killed or don't eat them and the demand will die so you wouldn't have to worry about how they get killed because they won't!

  • Dileep

    I like meat.. but I eat meat only about twice a week..

    If everyone can restrain themselves, we could keep the demand and cruelty down… and meat gets tastier the more you abstain.

  • TODD


  • Rick

    Please provide evidence or where we can find evidence.

    • sammy

      Look for the posting called 60+ companies to eliminate gestation crates coming out on Natural News in the next day or so. It includes the emails I received from both the Humane society and Dominoes Pizza!


  • Tammara Judd

    I completely disagree with this kind of practice if this information is valid. If you have evidences you please post it here.

    • sammy

      Look for the posting called 60+ companies to eliminate gestation crates coming out on Natural News
      This is the follow up that shows emails I received from both Dominos and Humane Society about this issue. Emails were on March 25, 2014. Thanks for your interest in this important topic! Sammy

  • John Albert

    The animal mind will try to distract you from the path and divided everyone. Simply seek the fundamental truth of live and the rest will follow. Google truth contest and read the Present if you're ready for the next step in evolution.

  • geoff

    disagree with practice but dominos dont use pork product just beef and chicken,maybe in the past they have but theres no evidence

    • sammy

      Look for the posting called 60+ companies to eliminate gestation crates coming out on Natural News
      This is the follow up that shows emails I received from both Dominos and Humane Society about this issue. Emails were on March 25, 2014. Thanks for your interest in this important topic! Sammy

  • pikestaff

    If humans did not learn to eat meat 200,000 years ago, we would still be living in caves, cruelty in one form or another will always exist, the human brain needs the vitamins and minerals in meat.

  • jenny

    It's your fault for ordering pig.

  • jenny

    was it something i said?

  • Joni

    How about setting all animals free and taking meat completely out of our diet?

  • fast food always have some problem. maybe no much different with M….B…….S ……. Don't eat too much

  • Jenn

    People are asking for evidence that Dominos is financially supporting cruelty toward animals? Really? Do people believe that Dominos "sources" their meat from farms that treat their animals humanely? What does it take to get human heads out of sand? Or to encourage people to genuinely care about the lives of humans outside their circle of friends and family and for animals that aren't generally considered pets?

  • Obama

    Not to mention the cruelty to humans by making them sick with diseases from eating their crap!

  • Shi

    This isn't a Dominos issue. It's a slaughter house issue. Mostly the meat you buy at the store and products with pork come from a slaughter house that treats it's animals this way and worse. If you want to protest something. Protest the meat industry and their 'standard' practices. Wanna see something eye opening? Watch the documentary, Earthlings on Youtube.

  • artgijo

    Pizza,Burger,pepsi,coco-cola , and subway brands destroy health of people worldwide.

  • paul

    make your own pizza

  • Steve

    Old Dominoes had a Farm?? Really? I didn't know Dominoes was into the raising of Hogs??

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  • DrGrace

    Support small mom and pop restaurants who care about what they put in their food, instead of these chains who don't give a crap where their ingredients come from…

  • logixca

    The mistreatment of animals is inexcusable. The lack of respect for animal life needs to be addressed with common sense guidelines that make it possible to do business without being cruel.

  • Trek

    ALL food establishments buy from Vendors, they have no control over what happens w the animals or birds. Much to do about nothing really other than unhealthy food.

  • mattfourfour

    We are living graves of murdered beasts,
    Killed to satisfy our lusts

  • MMN

    never again will I go to Dominoes

    • Saiful Rimkeit

      Well, you know about the “Domino Theory” in politics… One could apply it to Dominoes Pizza. The 1st pizza will knock off the rest. 🙂

  • FC1919

    I always thought Dominoes food was nasty and swore Id never eat there again and I haven’t. These big companies all need to be shut down for their animal cruelty!

    • alex

      Yeah just today I ordered something with sausage and the bacon and sausage tasted nasty. I googled “dominos meat is nasty” and got this. Idk how they stay in business, since their food is overpriced and not tasty. Now that I know this, its even worse. But also, I don’t blame only human greed for animal cruelty. Its part of it, yes, and mainly from males. But the main issue is overpopulation. If humans keep overbreeding, these practices will become inevitable for survival.

      • Jon

        In Kentucky alone there has to be 100000 plus acres sitting idle.
        Farmers get paid not to farm. The white race is doing it’s part , it’s the other races that need to be sterilized.

        • Anti Everything

          Not to mention the tons of wasted food that could be dispersed to people that are hungry. Some states, cities are outlawing feeding poor, hungry families and individuals.

          • All that pizza everyone throws out. What a waste.

        • Cerebellum Vibrations

          What you project comes back to you thrice times, So enjoy your sterilization. ; >

        • Saiful Rimkeit

          I read recent poverty pockets in Kentucky offer a standard of Life expectancy in par with so-called 3rd Wold countries.

      • MrsRanMac

        That’s NOT why their meat tastes nasty….You probably got some spoiled meat thats all..

    • betty turner

      you’re right. i have always had that feeling so has quintin, my son.

    • brutaltruth

      LOL. Most of us don’t care about your butthurt sensativity or these animals. They are meat. You people couldn’t make it on a farm. I just hope a collapse never occurs for your sake. I see you chewing on patches of grass like your beloved cows. Your teeth will be worn down to nubs in no time with all of that silica. LMAO

      • FC1919

        Wow your post really shows your mentality. LOL…..Let me just say sweetie pie your mother should have swallowed. Whats the matter…can’t handle the different opinion of others? Perhaps you need to stay offline and find another hobby? LOL

  • Mike L.

    Worst pizza I ever had. And they had the nerve to charge $15 for a medium 12″ pizza.

  • Anti Everything

    By the way, food is more nutritious and does taste better when raised in a healthy humane manner, on the land – at least it has been my experience raising pigs, chickens etc.

    • Cerebellum Vibrations

      Never understood why people still eat pork, When all you have to do is google the effects of it once ingested. Slows down over immune system, Pumps viruses and parasites into your body and also much more. I personally never eat port even if they call it glazed ham. Beside pigs are filthy by nature. Why would anyone eat filth

      Self Educate

      • Anti Everything

        Yes in deed! I have been reading over the past few years the biblical ‘unclean’ foods and why they may have been considered ‘unclean’ or ‘clean’ in the first place (this had nothing to do with any sort of religions belief, simply curiosity). It seems pigs can take a snake bite, will eat anything including human beings and the trash and poisons stay in their bodies/muscles. I stopped raising and eating pork a few years ago and stick to ducks, turkeys, chickens, and goats for milk/cheese. However, I still contend food raised/grown with the animals, plants and people that will eat it matters tremendously.

      • das

        u ignorant fool ,pigs are cleaner than chickens

        • ChineseHealth AndFitness

          Not on the inside they’re not cleaner, even if that’s true of the outside.

        • Joanne

          I heard it isn’t so much about being clean but about their digestive system and how toxins aren’t released the same,though I could be wrong.I don’t eat red meat or fish,just a little free range chicken now and then,and rarely consume dairy or eggs.

        • Ignorant? You are still eating animals period.

    • Saiful Rimkeit

      Good handle.
      Absolutely. In 2016 we researched for and purchased a turkey raised at a large family farm in California north gold country. They raise non GMO, non basted turkeys that need no human assistance to survive from the time they hatch. They give everyone plenty of space and groups never get interfered with. We even overcooked the bird a little and it came out juicy. It was superb.

    • J

      What matters is that we do have a choice, but it’s true, natural tastes better and this applies to all consumer products. I was eating a little cookie today, donno the brand, but it tasted so artificial I felt I was eating plastic. Sadly it has become necessary for the consumer to constantly fight against lack of industrial ethics at this day and age.

  • JonRobin

    I’m amazed Doms is still even in business. College kids are the only ones that seem to eat it. I’d rather eat cardboard with sauce on it. It’d at least have better taste.

    • MrsRanMac

      But you are eating cardboard….don’t ya get it! Sarc

  • Chillen

    Dominoes just lost another customer.

  • John Mackerel

    I guess the question is who really “polices” the animal livestock industry? Given the big demand for meat this can’t be isolated…

    • Joseph

      The USDA. Domino’s is as much a victim as the rest of us.

  • Jennifer Hemsworth

    Can someone tell me why I’m not at all surprised? -.-

  • Joseph

    No matter your personal feelings toward Domino’s Pizza, you should not single them out. This horrific practice is a problem of the entire pork industry. In fact, most restaurants and supermarket chains are unwilling supporters, as well. The biggest support, by far, comes from the consumers who make it profitable, averaging 50 pounds per capita, nearly half of the red meat consumed, second only to beef.
    Crucifying individual companies does next to nothing toward cleansing an entire industry of unethical practices.

    • dora kreymbog

      How can people enjoy eating carcass? Will you eat a dead dog? No! will you eat a dead cat? No! There is no difference. The only difference is your IQ and your EQ. The cattle industry is the second reason for global warming, the first one is industry and the third one is the automobile industry, according to reliable statistics. why churches don’t teach these facts? Carcass addicts are causing more damage than drug addicts. You want to read a groundbreaking book? “How not to Die.” by Mychael Greger, M.D. 50% of people in the USA have cancer right now.

      • Random

        Was a vegetarian for 40 years. Now eating Angus beef and other meats. I feel much better. Was low on platelets (thin blood) Iron, and was anemic. Lost all of my muscle mass and wasn’t all that healthy even though I am a holistic cook. I used non meat proteins to no avail. I was getting sicker.
        Meat is saving my life. To each’s own. BUT I use Organic meats and free range eggs. I will pay the couple dollars more because non chemically laced meats taste better. No anti-biotics, no nitrates, no crap in my meats.
        And NO pizza which is so high in sodium it’ll make you feel sick.
        Why does everything have such high salt/sodium content? It’s bad for people. It’s in milk, soda, water, you name it. It’s playing Russian roulette with your health down the line if not sooner. Stop eating sodium.
        I do not eat pork because it tastes terrible. yuk.

      • People like you are almost just as horrific as the companies you preach against from your ivory tower. You just fail to understand why because (it becomes really obvious in your respons as well) you are not the smartest person. This becomes really prevalent by your so called science and statistic references, as well and your metaphores.

  • The food will probably taste better. I did not know anyone was still using gestation crates. It’s sick and wrong.

  • Kristen

    Nevermind that the wheat used for the dough causes internal inflammation, the cheese is made from milk that is filled with antibiotics, hormones and who knows what else, the sauce will cause your body to be in an acidic state…all of which leaves you prone to disease. GROSS

  • Companies that do this practice should be penalised !!


    It’s disgusting what Domino’s is doing and everyone should Boycott them, If this is done nation wide maybe with loss revenue they will get the message. Another thing everyone should consider is the food all of us consume, if we all boycott Monsanto, Costco, whole foods and the big grocery stores that don’t want to label the foods that tells us if they contain GMOs then we the people needs to bankrupt them if they refuse to listen by growing your own foods and quit buying all process packages whether they are frozen or fresh, I for one have not bought any for the last three years which includes all cereals sweet rolls donuts, and to be honest I don’t miss them, if I can’t make them on my own then I don’t worry about them. I also will take the time to make my own bread that is healthy and not full of pesticides or cancer causing ingredients to slowly kill me as big monsanto only cares about how much money they can squeeze out of you and at the same time kill you and your family with their man made poisons, just like big pharma.

  • Darrell Payette

    It seems to me that some believe that killing an animal by one method is better than another . We use these animals for food so does it really matter how its done. Murder is Murder and killing is killing. personally if you think your above the rest dont forget what ever you are eating it had to be killed so is there really a difference.

  • Russky

    Even supermarket pizzas are better that “Dummy Knows Pizza” – worst pizza chain hands down.
    And don’t put Wendy’s into the same category as McDs or Burger King. Wendy’s is way better.

  • Stan Kulp

    and the largest pig farm was bought by China where they will ship them, slaughter them by their own rules, and ship them back to the USA


  • Patrick van Enschot

    “Will ham, sausage, and pepperoni taste any different without this extreme cruelty? I doubt it!”
    Most definitely yes. It can only taste much better without the cruelty.

  • FE523

    It’s the worst pizza around. Who eats this crap anyway.

  • Harriet

    2013 was the future when this petition was formed, so it’s out of date. The petition is closed. This article may not be factual at all.

  • Mohammed

    OMG, they stop at nothing in their urge to make money. It is forbidden by Sharia to slap an animal on face. Domesticated, caged animals must be given reasonable provision and freedom, else Hell is waiting for him/her; no jokes. Dominoes, may be never again.

  • MsPony65

    wait a minute.

    Fast food restaurants do not have their own CAFOs, do they? And please, where is the citation that none, any, or all of these companies use pork from these places?

    There is insufficient evidence here for me to say “yea” or “nay” on this matter.

  • Saiful Rimkeit

    If one is going to eat animals, then choose to eat the ones which are bred and raised non GMO verified, only grass fed beef, non GMO fed grains, raised in an open environment, etc. Do that and ht corporations will stop poisoning us when most are only interested in our money.

  • Christina Kalix

    Even if this is an old article, here is another reason to boycott Dominoes: they are owned by Pakistanis who reincorporate under a new name every year to avoid giving raises and benefits to employees( somehow new name equals new entity/business & lets them use loopholes i guess). My other half works part time with them for awhile now, over 2 years; thought he maybe earned some vacation time and i asked him about taking time off for an event; the above is what he told me. Managers in our area only make nine dollars per hour and drivers / six-fifty per hour, no benefits like sick time or vacation time plus if they wany to call out the person calling out is supposed to find coverage for their shift. Sad they can get away with the reincorporating thing.

  • Dario Monje

    I do not eat pork, so there is no problem for me that way. But, I do hope that the abuse of animals does stop.

  • Piks Revo

    I try to avoid pork as well. Dominos’s also uses a VERY large amount of the neuro/excito toxin MSG in its seasonings.