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What Is A Pesticide Cleanse?

We all live in a neighborhood, town or city, where millions of pounds of toxic pesticides and herbicides are sprayed everywhere we go. Pesticides and herbicides are sprayed on lawns, parks, schools, baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, bushes, weeds, farms, and everywhere else you see grass or dirt, plus all the chemtrails that fall to the earth every day contaminating everything it touches, too and let’s not forget all the electropollution, which gives off more radiation than most care to know.

All this toxic contamination all around us every day of our lives has seriously contributed to the now sickest generation ever. Never before now has there ever been so much chronic pain, chronic inflammation and of course so much chronic illness. Never has there even been so many autoimmune diseases, either.

And while the drug makers are profiting the most from the ever growing autoimmune disease epidemic, you are left wondering what you can do to strengthen your immune system and finally retrieve the health you once had or maybe never had but want to have. There is only one way to clean out years, decades of toxic accumulation from pesticides, herbicides, mercury, radiation and everything else that accumulates in every cell of your body every day of your life — Pesticide Cleanse! (as a verb) Yes, you should Pesticide Cleanse every day, and not for just a few days and stop, like every other cleanse or detox product out there you find.

Aren’t Cleanses Only For A Few Days?

Yes, because the cleanses and detoxes out there, from the popular ones to the unpopular ones, contain pesticides and/or GMOs, so yes, you shouldn’t do any of them more than a few days. Actually, you shouldn’t do any cleanse or detox that contains any ingredient that isn’t guaranteed 100% pesticide-free and 100% GMO-free and definitely no pills, since pills do not come from the ground, pills come from laboratories where health can never exist, let alone a powerfully healthy cleanse you can do every day for the rest of your life. Plus even if any of the cleanses and detoxes out there were somehow absolutely 100% organic, you’d have a really hard time finding any cleanse or detox that also contains enough real, easily assimilated protein that can sustain you every day throughout your whole cleanse. In other words, a cleanse that not only cleanses you daily, but also nourishes your whole body at the same time, better than any meal you could ever buy from any store or even cook for yourself. This powerfully healing cleanse that also nourishes you, certainly doesn’t exist on any store shelf anywhere in the world. Can you imagine what would happen if millions of people here suffering from an autoimmune disease got a hold of this Pesticide Cleanse that is healthy and nourishing enough to become your permanent Pesticide Cleanse? The drug makers would lose billions of dollars daily. Oh wait..they almost already are!

How Exactly Do I Pesticide Cleanse Daily?

It’s quite simple actually. First, you must decide which meal of the day you would like to replace with your Pesticide Cleanse. Most people decide to replace their breakfast every day with their Pesticide Cleanse, because as you know, your breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets the tone for your energy all day long. If you don’t eat breakfast at all or only drink coffee for your breakfast, then starting your day off especially with a truly powerfully nourishing breakfast that also cleanses you daily, I hope you know is absolutely vital for your health and longevity. Second, you must decide to never stop, at least until your immune system has finally fully recovered and you no longer feel all those terrible autoimmune disease symptoms. It’ll take only a few days to start feeling stronger, but could take several weeks or months to start feeling real, permanent improvement, because how consistent you are and how weak your immune system has become, determines the speed of your improvement. But rest assured, the longer you Pesticide Cleanse, the longer you continue to improve.

How Does A Real Pesticide Cleanse, Cleanse Me Permanently?

There is only one way your Pesticide Cleanse can continue to nourish you and continue to cleanse you daily — consistency! You didn’t develop any autoimmune disease or any symptom overnight — this took your body years, sometimes decades to develop. Well, the same goes for the other way, too, but at least you won’t have to wait around for years or decades to finally recover your healthy and strong immune system, because Pesticide Cleansing daily actually works very fast compared to how long it takes to damage your immune system enough to develop any autoimmune disease. But the Pesticide Cleanse must both nourish your whole body, especially at a cellular level AND be powerful enough to cleanse you daily, too. That’s why a truly healthy Pesticide Cleanse is nourishing enough to also replace your breakfast every day and is even safe for anyone pregnant or nursing.

As I always say…

“if you’re not cleansing, you’re accumulating.”




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  • Gertrude

    Google Cilantro Chelation Pesto recipe – not exactly for pesticides – but you’ll get the idea!

  • Joey

    Every cleanse I see out there is full of toxic ingredients…and they wonder why many people think cleanses or detoxes are dangerous for some. Not if it’s a truly healthy cleanse, like this Pesticide Cleanse.