Josie Nunez cancer story: Inspirational 8-year old girl shrinks tumor naturally with cancer juicing therapy

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Josie says that the doctor’s reaction was “uhhh… how are you doing that!?”

This young cancer survivor thought that she originally had strep throat, but of course didn’t know for certain. Her mom had taken her to the doctor’s office multiple times because of strep, vomiting, and headaches. Both her parents felt in their gut that something was really wrong. She would sleep a lot and always went right back into bed after getting sick. A diagnosis was not found after visiting several different health care practitioners.

But then finally they decided to do a CT scan after complaints of throbbing headaches. A spot was found and an MRI was immediately ordered.

“Honey, you have cancer,” was what these parents were forced to tell their beautiful angel.

Surgery and chemotherapy are the default “solutions”

Josie’s parents had to explain to their daughter that the doctors needed to cut her head open. She was relieved when she was told that she would be asleep the entire time. Josie received chemo and when her blood counts were up her friends were able to visit and were very supportive.

She went through many physical changes very rapidly during treatment. Once the radiation and three rounds of chemo were complete, she weighed just 42 pounds. Despite everything, her spirits were high during the entire ordeal, her mother recounts.

Alternative treatments for cancer were sought, but it wasn’t the cancer killing Josie

After the chemo and radiation and feeling somewhat helpless, Josie’s mom and dad sought the advice of a naturopathic doctor. The doctor was thorough with his questions about the treatments and surgeries administered so far, and how much Josie weighed, etc. It was important that her pH levels were tested from her saliva as well.

It was discovered, probably not surprisingly, that her pH levels were very very low, as they didn’t even register on the pH strips. It was determined that she was dying of acidosis, and not cancer as originally was assumed.

Diet as a treatment for acidosis

“You must make the body inhospitable to the cancer cells by going on the right foods that will help the body eat healthy acid.” As the pH goes up, the lactic acid goes down which means the cancer activity is going down. The body repairs itself once given the “stuff” that it needs. “Most doctors have no idea that nutrition has anything to do with cancer.”

Cancer juicing therapy: Josie began drinking fresh vegetable juices and started to feel better and became more active.

The doctor, on her next visit just a few months later, indicated that the tumor had shrunk by 75%.

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Source: The Incurables Webisode: A Girl, Cancer & The Doctor Who Knew How To Heal Her

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  • persephone

    I have to comment on this. My mother in law was diagnosed with lung cancer that had metastasized to her lymph glands and other organs. She went on juicing therapy for several months and when she went back for tests the doctor found that most of her tumors were gone and the rest were shrinking. The doctor was calling her a miracle girl. She eventually got tired of juicing and stopped. Within 3 months the tumors were back and worse than before. Not to say that juicing works for everyone, but it definitely worked for her. I highly recommend anyone with cancer to at least try it and see it if works for you.

    • Maury_Maury

      I am curious to know what she ate in the mean time, during the time that she stopped juicing. Can you tell me? I am just wondering if it was processed food/nutrient-less junk.

      All the very separate things I am reading about nutrition and good health and American medicine are leading me to the same, big, simple conclusions…that we are what we eat, and our American diet is what is causing so much illness. If you look at these processed "foods" (not food, actually) at the source of illness, then yes juicing works. If she relapsed and became ill, does that not offer support for that idea?

      • persephone

        She has always eaten the standard American diet. She just added the juice to that. After she quit juicing, she was still on the same diet. She is also extremely overweight and has several other health issues. It was amazing the difference the juice made. She looked great, had plenty of energy and said she felt good. After seeing, I'm definitely a believer.

  • Pat Nighswander

    I did juicing and eating, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, swiss chard, DIM,, Indol 3 carbinol, there are many things…. like raw foods and sprouts, pommegranite, passion flower, beets, I stopped juicing… so far so good… oh yes I do green tea and mushrooms everyday…. there is not just one cure but many… ease off on meat… gluton, carbs from grains…

  • timpclimber

    15 years ago my sister-in-law at age 40 was diagnosed with severe large intestine cancer and it was removed. she didn't recover. I convinced her husband to make her raw veggi juice daily and she rapidly recovered and had good health for three years. But then her love of processed meat products returned and she gave up juicing and wouldn't take vitamin C or D supplements. Sadly she died from cancer 8 months later inspite of all the radiation and chemo therapy. Her MD told me if she had stayed away from the processed meat and stayed on the raw juice and live food diet the cancer would not have returned. I was convinced he was correct.

  • erosivetimes

    This article did not state exactly where the cancer was? Was it a brain tumor?

  • SayNoToChemicals

    Why did her parents even bother with deadly radiation and toxic chemotherapy to begin with? They should have refused to go to the doctor at all, and just treated their child at home, the way mother nature and God intended. I'm sure she would have gone into remission sooner that way.

  • elada2014

    forgive my ignorance i am trying alternative treatments as well I am a 38 yr old with cancer and did chemo but did not go through with surgery as I started eating better / healthier among other things…so there is my quesiton what exactly is juicing? Should I not eat any other food? just juices of vegetables and fruit? I am not clear on what a typical juice diet is?please shed some light

    • Kenny

      hi elada2014, i'm glad to hear that you're trying to take control over your own personal health, eating better and living a healthier lifestyle! i'm no expert, i'm just learning myself, but maybe i can share with you a bit of what i know. basically, yes juicing is simply drinking the juice from fruits, vegetable and some roots and herbs as well. some people juice ginger for example along with their vegetables, and cilantro is a great herb to use because it's great for detoxifying kidneys and liver. (i believe, if i remember right.) some people would say to do a juice fast (drinking only juice, no solid food) but i imagine juicing regularly along with a healthy solid food diet would do just fine.

      digesting solid foods requires an enormous amount of energy, so drinking the juice of fresh, living, ORGANIC (if possible, but personally preferred 🙂 vegetable juice puts LOTS of nutrition into your body, without needing to spend any of that energy to digest it! so your body is able to spend ALL that nutrition on repairing itself. this is part of the magic of juicing. you should definitely look up a list of fruits and veggies that are ALKALINE in the body, and make juice from those. oh yeah! you definitely wanna juice the produce yourself, the fresher the better. i personally would not recommend store bought, mass produced juices. also, i have read that cancer likes sugar very much. cutting out candy and soda and sweet foods from your diet would be extremely beneficial, as well as minimizing the amount of sugar from fruit that goes into your juice.

      a couple movies i would recommend are: "fat, sick, and nearly dead" (a documentary following two individuals in their journey to lose weight and regain their health with a juice fast) awesome movie, informative, really inspiring and.. really gives one hope.. the other is "the gerson miracle" about a doctor who has used juicing to cure who knows how many people of all kinds of illnesses, cancer included. something else i would recommend, spend lots of time in nature 🙂 my favorite thing. walk barefoot on the grass, consciously connect with the earth. absorb the sunlight through your skin, breathe deep, and just maintain a feeling of peace. mental health is extremely important to physical health. i realize your comment is 6 weeks old and i'm sure and hope you've already found lots of good info on juicing. but i hope you see this! i truly hope you are doing well. i know you are strong, and may your journey be long. and i wish you the best of luck.

  • jay

    can some of you people who believe in surgery chemo and radiation explain why you do? It seems like a complete scam to me, the people who invented it (the rockefellers) treat themselves exclusively with homeopathy.