Healthy Cinnamon vs. Unhealthy Cinnamon

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All our lives we’ve heard how healthy cinnamon is for your health. And there are thousands of products sold in supermarkets that contain cinnamon, from chips and candy to breads and juices. And millions pf people buy these products because they heard cinnamon is very healthy, and it is! For example..

Healthy Cinnamon

  1. Antioxidant
  2. Anti-Inflammatory
  3. Lowers High Blood Pressure
  4. Lowers Bad Cholesterol
  5. Heals Your Pancreas
  6. Balances Your Blood Sugar
  7. Improves Cognitive Brain Functions
  8. Lowers Cancer Risk
  9. Fights Infections
  10. Improves Digestion
  11. Can Prevent Or Even Cure Candida
  12. Decreases Acne
  13. Boosts Your Immune System
  14. A Natural Food Preservative

And so many more benefits that I can’t list them all. But does any cinnamon you find at the supermarket provide all these wonderful benefits? Could you drive to your local health food store right now and just buy some cinnamon powder or cinnamon sticks, and then wait for these benefits? This is what most people think, so when they don’t feel these benefits, they just chalk up cinnamon as another hyped up spice that doesn’t help much or many assume you must consume 1 pound of it every day just to feel any benefits, which most people will not do. In either case, this definitely doesn’t give cinnamon a good reputation for being the powerfully healing spice we are told it is.

Then to make the cinnamon reputation worse, there are people out there who were told they are allergic to cinnamon, so they avoid cinnamon all together.

Unhealthy Cinnamon

The cinnamon you find in supermarkets and health food stores are not 100% organic, therefore are not 100% pesticide-free and are not raw, either, not even the sticks you find, because raw means shorter shelf-life and we both know shorter shelf-life for any product means less profit. Another reason why the cinnamon you buy at any supermarket or health food store cannot deliver all the benefits listed above is actually that of one very deceptive and very capitalistic reason — fewer symptoms means you buy fewer pills and doctors can’t bill insurance companies to treat your symptoms, either! So yes, the motivation to keep truly healing foods off store shelves, so you never cure yourself, is strong indeed. And let’s not forget the always booming synthetic vitamin and supplement industry that also hopes the food you buy doesn’t cure you or even decrease your symptoms, because well, they lose a lot of money, too.

Did you know the drug makers here constantly invest in food brands? That’s why 99.99% of all products sold on store shelves today contain GMOs or synthetic chemicals, including just cinnamon powder and products containing cinnamon.

And This Is The Real Reason Why There Are Cinnamon Allergies Out There.

When you consume any food that has been contaminated with even a single GMO molecule or synthetic chemical, it contaminates the whole food! And then when you cook it to prolong shelf-life, then you get a contaminated food that is now also void of any real nutrients. So, now that you know all the cinnamon you find at the supermarket or health food store cannot deliver all of those wonderfully powerful benefits we’ve all been told, what cinnamon actually will, without even needing that much at all each day? Obviously, cinnamon that is truly 100% organic, 100% pesticide-free, 100% GMO-free and of course raw!

Where Can You Find This Powerfully Healing Cinnamon?

Definitely not sold at the supermarket or at any health food store. The only place I ever get my really powerfully healing cinnamon is from the site. Remember, you truly are what you eat and drink every day, and despite the popular belief that everything is hereditary, your current state of health actually is the exact reflection of what you have been eating, drinking, swallowing and injecting all your life, unless you live next to a nuclear power plant of course, then if that’s the case, your current state of health is a reflection of what you have been eating, drinking, swallowing and injecting all your life, and also environmental. But then again, wouldn’t you still be able to prevent illness the more powerfully healing the food and drink you consume every day? That being said, if you want to achieve real health, then you should start by eating real cinnamon.


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  • Dissapointed

    So, what’s the point in trying to be healthy when everything we consume is poison? The things that aren’t poison are so freakin expensive that no one can afford them anyway. Even the air we breathe is poisoned. I say eat what you want, because it doesn’t matter anyway. I just keep finding out that my “healthy” choices are just as unhealthy as if I were eating McDonalds every day, so who cares? Either way you’re broke and sick, then you die.

    • Joey

      Sounds like you have really become cynical after years of trying what you were told is healthy, but finding out it isn’t…no wonder you’re dissapointed. I used to be like you until I let go of my frustration and let the truth enter my heart. This article clearly explains to you exactly, once and for all, what the difference is between healthy cinnamon and unhealthy cinnamon, so unless you’re too frustrated and dissapointed with the world to see the truth right in front of you now, there’s no way you could not now know.

    • insightz

      Apparently, you’ve never been sick. Good for you.

      > So, what’s the point in trying to be healthy
      > when everything we consume is poison?

      Here is one good reason: in order to NOT have to REWARD those humanoid snakes who are having a blast trying to kill you while laughing you and me in the face (Are you still watching TV? Judging upon your comment, you are glued to a display “downloading” your programming.)