THIS is What Happens to Your Lungs When You Add 3 drops of Oregano Oil to Water

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Did you know that pneumonia is the number one killer in children under five years and the world’s sixth leading killer in adults? And the numbers were higher before the discovery of antibiotics.

Pneumonia is caused by inflammation in the lungs and or bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Even though antibiotics can treat this condition, they don’t work for most people since their bodies have become drug resistant. So before you use an antibiotic make sure you get tested for its sensitivity.

I may also note that continued use of antibiotics has negative side effects. For instance, antibiotics can damage the good gut bacteria and consequently weaken the immune system.

The good thing is that studies show that you can use herbs to improve respiratory health. And oregano oil has proven to have strong antimicrobial effects.

Oregano essential oil for better respiratory health

Oregano oil has been used for many years for medicinal purposes. It is rich in iron, calcium, omega 3 fatty acids, fiber, manganese, B vitamins, and vitamin K.

Research shows that oregano essential oil has strong antibacterial properties and can also strengthen immune system, improve bone and heart health.

In one study researchers wanted to know the effects of oregano oil on a pathogen (Staphylococcus aureus) which resists antibiotics. In fact, this bacteria has been linked to numerous infectious diseases.

The researchers discovered that oregano oil was as effective as regular antibiotics in preventing the growth of this pathogen.

Another Greek study also proved the potent antibacterial properties of oregano oil. It found that oregano oil can hinder growth of pathogenic bacteria even when it’s diluted.

Frankly, there are more studies that prove oregano oil’s effectiveness at killing bacteria. So let’s look into how you can use it.

How to use oregano oil

Always take oregano oil in diluted form since it’s very strong. Adding 3 drops to a glass of water, once a day can help prevent pneumonia, fight colds, and strengthen your immune system.

Add it to drinking water 5 times a week. But realize that you may still need antibiotics if you have serious infections. Remember to always consult a doctor before using herbal treatment.

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  • william mason

    Oregano oil should always be diluted with olive oil, my best choice of carrier oils – oregano oil is very acidic. If you have PLASTIC in your body ANYWHERE IT IS NOT FOR YOU, take the Mediterranean leaf or the powder instead. Use it as a spice on your food.
    This oil is the greatest and strongest natural antibiotic out there be careful !! Treat it with respect, I take it like this 3 tablespoons olive oil 5 drops oregano oil top off with apple juice take at the beginning of a meal-putting it on top of a meal will make you lose your lunch.
    What kind of oil ? STEAM DISTILLED the NOW BRAND I have been using for 15 years with great results, for many different conditions. AS with any antibiotic make sure you get started on a good probiotic. DO not put in plastic or Styrofoam glasses or containers PURE OREGANO OIL WILL EAT THRU THESE QUICK!!! IT WILL ALSO EAT THE PAINT OFF YOUR CAR OVERNIGHT USE A CARRIER OIL.
    FOR help breathing mix 15 drops oregano oil 15 drops lemon oil on a ceramic plate (my basic cure for pneumonia), you can add 5 drops peppermint or spearmint oil to the mix for deeper breathing . this mix can be applied to the skin premixed with olive oil mix 1/2 cup olive oil with amounts listed above rub on neck and chest a little around the nose, you will breathe !!!! Great for C.O.P.D.

    • PlasticBiddy

      Thank you for that information – I shall not be using it.

  • Andrea Jean Vaughn

    Such value here! Thanks for letting us know how to well care for ourselves. Happy hoidaze, All!