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T. Matthew Phillips is an attorney, musicologist, and part-time particle physicist from Hollywood, California, who advocates the abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, and science.. Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277, California’s mandatory vaccination law for schoolchildren.

Mandatory Memory Wipe – California Senate Bill No. 86

“Mandatory Memory Wipe” SACRAMENTO, CALIF. – State Senator Richard Pan, (D), architect of California’s notorious SB-277, (mandatory school vaccination), today proposed SB-86, which calls for mandatory erasure of all painful “memories, thoughts, and emotions” from the memory banks of all… 0 Shares |

Presidential Order to End School Segregation Now

Proposed Presidential Order The Constitution guarantees that all children have a right to go to school, regardless of medical history or vaccination status.  In order to protect the right to go to school, a California mom, Sharon Brown, has proposed… 0 Shares |

“Who Rules Over You?—Just Ask Who You Can’t Sue!”

When American soldiers sustain battlefield injuries from faulty military hardware, should they be allowed to sue the hardware manufacturers?  According to one Congressman, “No,” and this has civil rights groups openly accusing Congress and the defense industry of being in… 0 Shares |

Sen. Richard Pan Declares California Has the Right to Raise Your Children

California SB-18 The welfare of others is the same excuse that all tyrants give.  On Dec. 5, 2016, Sen. Richard Pan introduced SB-18, a Children’s Bill of Rights.  SB-18 is the sequel to SB-277, California’s mandatory vaccine law.  Both SB-18… 0 Shares |

The Day the Holocaust Began In America

Ask not how it could happen; ask why it doesn’t happen more often.  I have heard eyewitness accounts of NAZI concentration camps just after liberation in 1945.  I have seen haunting photos of bulldozers piling-up mountains of naked human corpses.  … 0 Shares |

Mandatory Birth Control Vaccine – for California High School Girls

BREAKING: Earlier this week, Sacramento lawmakers introduced a bill to combat the rising tide of teen pregnancies in California high schools.  The proposed bill would require mandatory contraceptive vaccination – with the Pregnor® birth control vaccine.  The proposed bill would… 0 Shares |

20 Reasons Why I Call Myself an “Anti-Vaxxer!”

20 Fast Facts About Vaccines — by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. 1. Under American law, it is legally impossible to design a defective vaccine. 2. In 2011, the Supreme Court declared that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe. 3. Vaccine ingredients… 0 Shares |

Stop Mandatory Vaxx in California: The Case Against Senate Bill No. 277

By T. Matthew Phillips, Esq. California’s state-mandated vaccination of school age children takes effect on July 1, 2016.  Senate Bill 277 removes the “personal beliefs” exemption as a basis for parents to opt-out of state mandated “immunization” requirements for schoolchildren.  … 0 Shares |