20 Little Known Uses of Frankincense Essential Oil

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Frankincense is probably the most potent essential oil. It has been proven to fight cancer, stress, inflammation and much more. But this essential oil has more uses than you can imagine.

Here are top 20 uses of frankincense essential oil.

1. Anti-aging: Applying frankincense oil on your face can reduce line and wrinkles. Make sure you mix it with a carrier.

2. Strengthen immune system: This oil has strong antiseptic properties that will strengthen your immune system.

3. Reduce arthritis pain: This essential oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties that reduce arthritis pain and swelling.

4. Reduce gout symptoms: Applying frankincense on gout can relieve pain and symptoms.

5. Treat indigestion: Adding a one or two drops of frankincense oil to a glass of water can treat indigestion and other digestive problems.

6. Relieve stress and anxiety: Add this essential oil to bath water to relieve stress and anxiety.

7. Fade scars: People with acne scars and age spots can fade then using frankincense oil.

8. Treat colds: You can add frankincense to drinking water or use aromatherapy to treat colds and congestion.

9. Improve your vision: Research shows that frankincense oil has the ability to improve eyesight.

10. Improve oral health: This essential oil can eliminate oral problems like bad breath, toothaches, cavities and so on.

11. Treat insomnia: This oil has the ability to calm nerves thus helping you to fall asleep fast and sleep deeply.

12. Heal cuts and wounds: Frankincense does a great job healing wounds, especially when it’s combined with lavender.

13. Relieve depression: Applying diluted frankincense oil can help relieve depression.

14. Cure itchiness: Simply apply frankincense on the itchy area and it’ll instantly relieve the itchiness.

15. Relaxation: Placing your head over a pan of boiling water with frankincense make you more relaxed.

16. Remove warts and moles: Apply this oil on a wart or mole three times a day.

17. Soothe bee bites: Frankincense oil can reduce the irritation and pain caused by a bee sting.

18. Reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome: Applying this oil on the affected leg can relieve RLS.

19. Regulate estrogen: This oil helps regulate estrogen production in the body.

20. Remove bad odor: Cleaning a room with frankincense can eliminate bad odor.

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  • Woody

    All these articles tend to be incomplete in respect to how to put into practical applications.

    • Doodlebug

      Woody, I agree with you on this. The information is good but too often dosage info and/or application is left out. Very discouraging as well as sloppy journalism.

      • art

        this is a article, to open your mind to do some proper research, this is not a holistic doctor giving u a prescription , wake up and read.

        • Doodlebug

          I understand that Art, I do plenty of research, am currently active in a herb study group, keep my own records of what works forme and my family and what does not. I winnow through several sites everyday on herbal medicine, essential oils, natural healing etc. it does help however to have more information on a site that is promoting the use of such. Thank you for your snarky remark.

        • Doodlebug

          Art, I do read a lot, everyday. I visit several sites on holistic medicine, herbal remedies, natural healing, etc. I grow my own herbs, make tinctures, fire cider, elderberry cough syrup, etc. I use essential oils for many things and Frankinsense is one I use a lot. I research, read and keep track of what works for my family and what does not. I do not attack other people that I do not know; thank you for your snarky reply.

    • corimari

      I would also like to see links provided to trusted retailers who sell the oil.

  • ‘Teresa Enochs Smith-Garner

    One drop on a pink mole, growing on the inside bend of my elbow, dried up & fell off in just a couple of days. Don’t know how it might work on brown moles.