15 Amazing Uses of Himalayan Salt You’ve Never Heard Before

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You won’t find any other salt like Himalayan crystal salt. It contains numerous minerals and has lots of benefits. And the good thing is that the minerals in this salt are easily absorbed in the body since they are colloidal form.

In one study, people who drank water which contained Himalayan salt experienced improved circulation better respiratory health, and better function of organs and nervous system.

It’s worth noting that some of the Himalayan salt benefits are experienced due to sodium. It helps the body relax, and reduces stress and anxiety.

Well, experts say that Himalayan salt has the following benefits.

1. Improve cardiovascular health

2. Helps reduce common aging signs

3. Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

4. Supports and improves circulation

5. Helps control water levels in the body (prevents water retention)

6. Maintain healthy sleeping patterns

7. Improves the absorption of food in the intestines

8. Reduces cramps

9. Helps improve respiratory health

10. Helps boost libido

11. Better for kidney and gall bladder compared to chemically treated salts

12. Helps stabilize pH levels in the body

13. Promotes cellular hydroelectric energy creation

14. Reduces sinus and improves overall sinus health

15. Strengthens the bones

Now, Himalayan salt doesn’t come in one form. There are different ways you can use this salt.

Here are different Himalayan salt products

Bath salt: You can absorb the minerals in Himalayan salt by soaking in Himalayan salt bath.

Salt lamps: Salt lamps eliminate odor, create ambiance, and eliminate airborne bacteria.

Salt inhaler: You can greatly benefit from inhaling Himalayan salt. It can reduce lung inflammation, fight colds, allergies and asthma.

Salt blocks: You can use salt blocks to display and serve foods.

Massage roller: Rolling the salt gently on the spine is relaxing and can reduce stress.

Salt bowl: Serving foods on this bowl adds flavor and gives you lots of minerals.

Salt crystal bar: You use the crystal on your skin. If it’s rough wrap it in a wet cloth then scrub.

Salt scrubs: Make sure the skin is wet then apply salt scrub.

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